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Where can I watch the tyra banks show about spanking online for free?
I'm really curious to see this ep, but I can't find it anywhere (it's not on youtube) or without one of those spamming "fill out survey first" thing. No sites with downloads onto my computer, please. Please help!! Thanks.
i watched that it was pretty interesting

have you tried

dkk if its there.
Where can i find some good online spanking stories?
Should 1 chat online to some1 more than they talked to their spouse? Especially when "spanking" is referred 2?
Then every so often, the "delete chat history" is hit as if the spouse is trying to hide something. How do others feel about this?
i'd be heartbroken:(
it shouldn't be happening, that's disrespectful towards
the relationship and it's just horrible..
i wish you the best of luck
Where can i find some good online spanking stories?
Dude, take your kinky stuff somewhere else. You're not likely to get an answer for it here. Everyone has their fetishes and that's OK, but a forum for parenting is not the place to discuss them. You'd get much better responses at a site about kinky stuff, because more likely than not most parents don't know anything about that stuff.
Current spanking laws in California. Where can I find them online?
Specifically, is it legal to spank one's guy using a paddle, or any other method than an open hand on the backside. I remember from taking guy development courses that it's prohibited in any other way, but I can't remember if it was guy care provider or parent specific. If you have links I can check out, that would be awesome.
Wow People, it was just a QUESTION!! no reason to get nasty at her. I spank my guys, why not direct the hate @ me and not her.

Every state defines abuse differently. A spanking with a open hand, on the bottom is legal in all 50 states and Canada. In the US using an object (on the bottom) is also Legal, as long as you don't leave permanent marks (bruises, welts, blisters) other then temporary redness.

California is the only state which is attempting to ban use of an object to spank. Fortunately that law is likely to never make it to the books.

CALIFORNIA'S current law-

Law not intended to prohibit the use of reasonable methods of parental discipline, or to prescribe a particular method of parenting. Serious physical harm does not include reasonable and age-appropriate spanking to the buttocks where there is no evidence of serious physical injury. Welf. and Inst. Code Sec. 300. [Ci.] Abuse includes unlawful corporal punishment or injury. Penal Code Sec. 11165.6.[Cr.] "Unlawful corporal punishment or injury" is any person willfully inflicting upon a guy any cruel or inhuman corporal punishment or injury resulting in a traumatic condition. Penal Code Sec. 11165.4.[Cr.]

This site has the guy abuse laws for all 50 states…

Here is an article on the attempt of sally lieber to ban spanking with on object. She already tried to ban spanking guyren under 3 years old, however that attempt got shot down. So now she amended it to ban using an object to spank with. There are many other links on this site regarding the subject, check it out.…

I personally don't use an object to spank my girls with, but I know lots of people who believe that hands are for loving, and should not be associated with discipline. I personally would vote NO on this bill, unless they amended it again to take out all the "spanking" other then that, the guy abuse stuff can stay, such as shaking, hitting in the head....none of the stuff that has to do with a controlled parental spanking on the bottom.

Hope this helps.
I live in CA so I keep up with this.
Does anyone know how to send an online birthday spanking?
flanders has a birthday and i want to give her an online birthday whipping, but don't know how to pull it off? any ideas?????
well you better get to it already, i've been bent over all day waiting.....and bring some whipped cream, i'm feeling frisky.
Where can I buy some cute volleyball spanks online? Or design my own?
I need some really cute ones for my team and I :D
I'm guessing you mean spandex? anyways, here are some great websites that sell cute spandex! :)………

Hope this helps!
Free Spanking Clips - Where Can I Find Free Spanking Video Clips?
Free Spanking Clips - Where Can I Find Free Spanking Video Clips? Are there any website for Free Spanking Video Clips online?
Try these sites:
Did you know that 97% of the guys online at this moment need a spanking?
Did you realize that the pubescent bored guys who are online at this moment are in sore need of spankings? That they have lax parents who do not know what they are doing online?

And they probably do not even know what pubescent means?
You go Jackie....I think that most of us that contribute on a regular basis know that the 97% figure was pulled from the same far off place that some other questions with silly percentages were invented. Unfortunately some can dish but cant receive. As far as spanking goes....didn't have to spank my own guys but I can tell you one thing. If they ever spouted filth like kristine did they would be spitting soap bubbles for a month.
Just a humble opinion from the older set.

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