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All Comments

Madonna's Hung Up Video?
Who is the Asian guy in Madonna's Hung Up video???
Hi there, hes called Daniel Cloud Campos, and he is a dancer for a few of Madonna's music videos, and he also appears as a dancer in 2004 Reinvention Tour and 2006 Confessions Tour.
Where can I find a pair of silver heels like the ones Madonna wears in her 'Hung Up' video in a UK size 9?
I am dying for a pair of silver Madonna sandal heels in a UK size 9 (as worn in her 'hung up' video) but can't find any anywhere.... any ideas??
Isn't it a bi*ch finding stuff in the bigger sizes? I'm size 10, and the "specialist" outlets charge outrageous prices...!

Barratts' size 9 is worth checking out tho':
Who drove the taxi in Madonna's Hung Up video - he looks familiar?
At about 2:26 - I swear he's an actor I've seen somewhere..

I could be completely wrong though and I couldn't find anything on google.
It kind of looks like Omar Sharif...but i doubt it.

Ali G (Sasha Baron Cohen) was driver the driver in the "Music" video.
Does anyone know where I can find the leather jacket Madonna wore in her "Hung up" music video?
I have been looking for a leather jacket and the one I really like is the one Madonna wore in her "Hung up" music video...does anyone know where I can find the same leather jacket or at least a similar leather jacket? I know that when she made the video she said that her friend or personal assistant was wearing it and she liked it so she borrowed it for the video...
That would be extremely hard.. and even if you find it- would probably cost a small fortune. Look around online websites for a similar. All I can reccomend you right now is Ebay, they have cute vintage shops.
What do you think of Madonna's video for Hung Up?
I just watched it for the first time...and I first thought- what did she do to her butt? Then I thought...oh yah, she's like...50, right?
She should know no one looks good in a leotard- especially with those muscular legs.
Then when I saw her in her jeans I realized how awesome she looks with clothes on- something she should learn.
Anyway...I really wish she'd stop putting out these "sexy" videos...we've seen it all before from her (for over 20 years now?) and it's really getting...old.
I'm all for female empowerment, but she's making older women look like a joke now and that's not cool. She doesn't need to try to look 20. I think Cher's video for Believe was a good example of how an older lady can put out a hip, sexy video without looking pathetic.
"Confessions on a Dance Floor" expresses Madonna's wish to go back to her first love---dance. She looks good for a 50-something person, but when I saw the video, I admit it, I did notice that her legs, um, looked her age. She's still beautiful though. And the video with the choreographed movements really rocked.
What type of boombox is in Madonna's music video, "Hung Up"?
The vintage boombox in the music video that she humps or just one that lights up like that...
The vintage boombox?
Can anyone find me the 2006 Italy World Cup Highlight Video from Youtube with the song Hung Up by Madonna?
best answer goes to whoever finds it first.. its not a recent video.. its from back then
Its not there. They probably did not tag the song so you have to watch every Italy world cup highlight video until you find it.
Which video do u like better?
Who do you think sings better and who has more money. Who had a better carrer and why? (Im doing a report in my class btw) comapare and contrast them plz. who do you like better. more fame. here are the videos. which one was a better hit and better to dance to??……

Who dominated!!!
This is the Gayest question ever. But I like Madonna better.

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