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Would you make home sex movie? and what would happen if it got stolen?
had this happen to me but i did not care, but girl i was with totally freaked out. happened about 4 years ago. what would you do? and what would your partner say when you told them? lol
I would make one and if it got stolen I'd FREAK! I mean you wouldn't know who was watching or what they were doing... anyways my bf would probably say oh well..
What does everyone feel about making personal sex movie with partner or wife?
Me and my wife have made a couple of personal home videos of us engaging in sex and foreplay and masturbating. However she isnt as in to it as me and I want to make more. How do all you women and men feel about making home movies like this? Do all women feel like my wife about doing it cause I like it but not really enjoying it. Also she says she gets it if we ever break up, hows that fair considering I like em and she doesnt.
My husband and I taped our wedding night. Who needs 1-yr-old frozen stale wedding cake for the 1-yr-anniversary when you can re-live THAT?;)

However...I'm not as into the whole video tape thing as my husband is. Men are generally far more visually stimulated than women are, so it's not surprising that men would like videos more. Ask her if she would mind if you just keep a camera rolling - set it on the dresser or something - because you just love watching her during the act, and maybe from a different angle later when you miss her;) If she isn't into watching them again herself, that's okay! Enjoy it just the same, as long as she doesn't mind.

But one thing...she said she gets the tapes if you ever break up? You're MARRIED and she's talking about possibly breaking up?? ...I think you have more to worry about than video tapes...
"please help me find a movie, the story about a women have evil spirits and bring home men and have sex with t?
"please help me find a movie, the story about a women have evil spirits and bring home men and have sex with them and then kill them, and there was a big bath tub at the middle of house where she puts the dead body of men she killed"
yikes. you'd really watch this?
What movie starts out with a guy coming home to find his girlfriend having a sex party with other couples?
what movie starts out with a guy coming home to find his girlfriend having a sex party with other couples

i know its a pretty recent movie, and its a comedy
does anybody know the name of the movie
Yeah its "Old School".
Poll: Would you rather have sex or watch a movie at home you really like and stuff your face?
I pick the latter....sex is oh so good...but sometimes the simple wholesome activities can be more enjoyabl
Sex. I can watch all the movies I want when I get too old for sex, or no one wants me anymore.
Where can we share our home sex movies?
we would like to know whrre we can post our movies and share with other couples
Gaytube.com. There are lots of home made movies over there, although some "professional" studios put up samples. And I say professional facetiously because there are a lot of sketchy porn sites that give out their samples there. Like nasty street guys they pick up who need a dime for a meal or something. ThAt being said, not every video is that bad... Just some.
How much money can i make off my home made sex movies?
and where can it be sold for the most money possible
Probably none since losers always lose.
Pleaseeeeee Help me Remember this Sex Comedy Movie Its Very Old of three frnd 1 is fat always after sex?
its a story of three to four frnds 1 is fat i remember few scenes.1 scene fat guys is having sex with a guest and while having sex his balls gets stuck in hers...2 there is piano teacher whiile playing piano he puts his hand in her skirt...3 they are having nude party at home their parents come they start walking out of the home naked.....its a very funny movie..plz help me find the name.
That's a pretty common plotline. Throw a rock and you'll fiind some iteration of it.
When can i show my daughter and son a rated R movie at home?
My daughter is 12 yrs old, she asked me what my guyhood was like when i was a guy. So i told her we can watch this movie called KIDS. That what they did in the movie was pretty much how I grew up with my friends. But in the movie there is drug use,sex, explicit language
Kids doesn't really offer too much of an educational Value. If you want her to watch a Movie that teaches them about safe sex and the consequence of Un-safe sex then maybe gravitate towards a more tactful movie. I personally really didn't like that movie.

I wouldn't tell your daughter or son that that is how you grew up. Then when out there they may make the decision to do those things thinking "Gee my dad did them and he turned out just fine".

I personally feel 12 is way to young for a movie like "KIDS". There are way to many graphic scenes in this show that is unnecessary.

This is a great show with a good strong message: Girl Positive

or even Taken is pretty good.

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