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Would any cute chubby girls be interested in dating a tall skinny guy?
-Im 16, 6'8'', 180 lbs., incredibly toned after years of intense sports
-i like cute faced chubby girls with cute pudgy little bellies, thick thighs, and a lil jiggle when they walk
LOL what chubby girl wouldn't?
Where can I find cute chubby girls?
I live in Anchorage, Alaska, and I'm single. I find women with curves to be attractive, but never see them in public (hambeasts don't count). Do they stay home playing video games all day?
Like, you don't see any at school??
This is so weird (and yet refreshing) because now a days you always hear about guys liking bone thin girls.
But, you do no that this isn't a dating site, right??
I am a chubby, cute girl with really big boobs...why do skinnier girls give me dirty looks?
I dont always dress with my boobs hanging out..BUT what people dont realize is that when they are 36DDD;s, you cant help but have them fall out of everything!!!
The funny thing is that really hot skinny girls give me dirty looks, when I catch them starng at my boobs.

I think its funny cuase I would KILL to be thin and boobless! So what is the deal?????
I am I 36F!!! so consider yourself LUCKY lol everyone skits me for my big boobs and you're right you cant really hide them, the higher up the top goes the bigger the boobs look and ive read everywhere that v shaped neck lines flatter the bust and make them appear smaller. When im out in town clubbing i get a lot of male attention because ive got a pretty face and huge boobs even tho im not super skinny and tall. Ive found that some girls can be really nice and ive had loads of girls coming up to me saying my boobs are fab and they love them and are jealous. The girls that usually snarl me or give me snotty looks when im out mostly always have a boyfriend attatched to them. I dont think girls are jealous cause they want big boobs i just think theyre scared their boyfriends might have a perve and like what they see lol... thats what ive found anyway. Wear what you want and do what you want, ignore the ones who give you dirty looks, dont let them ruien your fun!
Are you or is anyone you know attracted to cute girls who are really thick (chubby) or even sort of fat?
As a highschooler I know guys who would say that some very chubby girls are super thick and sexy, though many would say that a girl with a jiggly belly or with some extra baggage hanging over her jeans is fat and not sexy (even if they do have a cute face).
I like them skinny and fit.

Chubby,chunky or any other cute word play for overweight is a no no for dating purposes for me.

But I will be friends with anyone.
Do u find chubby girls cute ? ?
would u date a cute chubby girl ? or a skinny hotty ? :P
wha do u think of cute chubby girls ?
Most guys would rather have a curvy girl than a really skinny girl.
Where can I find cute clothes for chubby girls?
Im a little chunky lol and can't seem to find a good store that carries cute clothes! Is there an online store that carries cute clothes?
I know there are some stores like Maxx Plus, Forever 21, Avenue, Layne Bryant, Fashion Bug. Look them up online! You will find some cute stuff. I have a friend who goes to those stores, and they have amazing perfume and jewelery. Cute clothes too. She always looks fashionable!
What are some cute styles for chubby girls in middle school?
I'm not fat but I'm not skinny either and I need some ideas for clothes. I need to know how to dress without looking trashy but not too contemporary.
highwaisterd skirts with belts, plain white top, leggings and flats sortof like this only probably less glam =]………


like this i dont know……

anything really, jeans with flats, cardigans
Are there any actual guys out there who think girls that a little chubby girls are cute?
Well i am 17 and i am not fat but i do have sorta a belly that pops out... I'm asking for all the girls out there who wonder haha xD
loll I don't mind a bit of a belly [: it can be kinda cute a lot of the time xD
Does anyone else agree that Chubby girls are cute?
I know it depends on the face but you know.
Girls of all kind of shapes and sizes can be cute if they love themselves and have nice personalities.
Whats wrong with chubby girls with a cute face?
I always wonder why guys don't go for the cute girls but there a little chubby.They dress nice they are nice and can be caring and not so worried about there weight and enjoy being big. Isn't a girl who is self confident more attractive then a super skinny chick who cries about being fat?Idk i just look around and notice a lot of good girls are passed up, and then you hear guys complain about another girl being a ******sometimes are hot skinny girls could be an ugly girl to lol*.I am not a skinny basher btw lol i like every one who is good at heart.Just let me know what you think and feel about what i'm saying. Thanks
How old are you? In the end the nice girls (chubby or not) are the ones that get the guy in the end and have the white wedding. The jerk girls (skinny or not) are the ones that get dumped for the nice girls.

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