Clare Spanks Naughty Man in DungeonThe words scrawled across Hazel Hypnotic's chest give a simple request, Carter Cruise is turned into Mr. Pete's bondage bitch and suffers beautifully in this intense bondage and rough sex session.  This 23 year old girl gets fucked deep in her ass and goes into a trance when she climaxes from overstimulation.
hentai bondage sexAnitta has been pestering us for another session with our spanking Master. We've never met a girl so eager to be dominated and punished. So she gets her wish.
Madelyn Monroe is a girlfriend desperate for something else. She is super hot and get's plenty of dick, but she is bored and unsatisfied. If only someone would come and give it to her the way she really wants it...anime bondageIn Anal Psycho part 1, when Tommy and Xander kidnap Mona, the crazy wife of a local lottery winner, to pay off a vicious loan shark, the newly rich husband refuses to pay the ransom! Mona plays the two would-be thugs against each other, and Xander ends up with a bullet in the brain.In part 2 Tommy is stuck with a dead body, a crazy nymphomaniac captive and Vinnie the finger chopping loan shark after him. With nowhere left to turn Tommy resorts to calling Mona's hot therapist, Penny Pax. Penny initiates sexual therapy for all in an effort to unite Mona's split personalities.Three way anal sex, bondage, erotic therapy and a dark storyline make this a highly entertaining erotic thriller.
Bondage girlfriends are tied and chained
Bella Bathory Trains Dudes Day 7Brunette captive degrades herself to please her two unforgiving captors
Trussed in a old-school pound me stance on the leather Sexuallybroken couch with her legs stretched open wide, Simone is entirely vulnerable, entirely revealed. She is going nowhere. Her pinkish cunt is like a bullseye for the dicking down she is about to receive. She is about to spend her day getting tag teamed into sexual subordination until her mind is so bj'ed out from nutting that she can't even speak.
Cherie DeVille starts off in a box, a full sized cage, actually, and while it is uncomfortable it is at least safe. She won't be there long. Thanking him for kindness, asking him to cum, begging to serve, these are the signs of a polite and obedient slave. Normally that would be enough to avoid punishment, but not this time. The only reason PD needs to make her suffer is that he loves to see it.Firm Hand SpankingJapanese bondage sex movies.Isis Love and Virgin Torn are on mitt to help victim trainer James Mogul wrangle this tiny tart into being a usable service whore for the Schoolteachers on the Upper Floor. 
This update includes plenty of corporal punishment and copious amounts of pussy service.

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Bella Penalizes Dria SeverelyGirl gets her pussy and tits tortured
Things have been missing from Jagger Jordan's desk in her classroom where she teaches.  While staying late one evening to grade papers, she investigates and finds herself in the hands of an obsessed janitor.  He ties her up and strips her down to use her body and make her cum.  Jagger stays in character throughout the shoot in this kinky role play update!bdsm hentai
Lexi LaRue is just the kind of sweet and innocent you want to see gagged and wide eyed. I put her in a simple and strict tie and make her undress. Once she has struggled out of her trampy outfit and has her cunt up the air for me I stuff her full of the cock she came here for. Those wide eyes do not disappoint. The next scene has Miss LaRue on her tip toes, pantyhose painfully pressed against her swollen clit as she walks a wicked crotch rope. Her tits tied tight, hauling buckets of rocks that push the knots tighter against her trapped pussy, she screams when I finally allow her a torturous orgasm. Now I have an appointment with her round pink butt, pressing her into a chair tie that forces her head back and ass out. Her pretty face distorts with panic when she realizes there is no escape from my vibrator or spanking hand. Her pink ass and pussy are a hot red when we are done. Finally, I throw her on her back in a frog tie that leaves her slutty holes exposed for a good reaming. Her body shakes and strains against the ropes as she begs to come over and over.  Job well done Lexi LaRue.Hazel Hypnotic and Maggie Mead are going to spend some time getting to know each other intimately on the floor of our barn. Very intimately.In this twisted hospital of horrors, pain slut Milcah is bound, abused, and fucked by sadistic nurse Aiden Starr. To cure Milcah of her perverted fantasies, Aiden must use every clamp, speculum, cane, whip, strap-on, and hook at her disposal to probe the dark recesses of Milcah's mind, ass, and hungry, dripping cunt. A tough patient, Milcah is unresponsive to treatment until Nurse Starr locks her in an inverted suspension, double penetrating Milcah's helpless, bowed body as she pushes her farther than any sub has gone before.
The Pope and the Governess decide to shake the girls up and lead them to a work out on the armory roof. Then the girls are brought into the dining room for sexual service and a surprise promotion.Beautiful 18 year old Sadie Kennedy is tied tight, gagged, bent over and fucked silly in her tight little pussy. Manhandled, suspended and tortured will she orgasms uncontrollably, squirting all over the floor.When hot and slightly snooty Summer Day starts her very own first real estate company, her rich daddy seeds her venture with a freshly acquired parcel of rental units in the Potrero district of San Francisco. The entire block has been evicted and is ready to be gentrified by Summer's new company, but there is one stubborn tenant that will not vacate. Summer is determined to close this deal and make her daddy proud. She is fed up waiting and drives over there where she confronts Xander Corvus and The Eviction.Hot take down action between two hot performers! Xander ties Summer's wrists tight with a guitar cord before ripping out her tits and fucking her pretty face with his huge cock. Summer's sexy resistance build till she is unable to resist opening her throat to Xander's penetrating cock.Xander decides to keep the snooty entrepreneur for a while and puts her on ice in the basement. Summer is suspended among the motorcycles, gagged, helpless and a vibe teasing her pussy. Xander takes his time with it and gives Summer a good dicking in tough rope bondage.The anal action trimmed out with bondage and a ball gag sends Summer into a different zone. Hot ass, hot bondage, hot BDSM action - Xander and Summer Day kill it in this sexy porno drama!free bdsm and fetish porn
Firm Hand SmackingThe New Perils of Sweet Gwen

Instructing Report

Goals Progress:

Orgasm manage is very excellent, always asks permission
Pain tolerance - she responds beautifully to being beat and her tolerance is excellent
Self manage is improved but she still fidgets fairly a bit. 
Sensory deprivation is difficult and we may have to abort this objective
Protocol - very stellar when she says 'thank you, sir' and seems to get off on limited eye contact.

Progress Review: The head cell in Day 2 freaked her out.  It was clear right away from her responses, respiration and bod language that she was having a rigid time with it.  There was a battle going on inwards the cage that we simply were not privy to.  Once out, she was in a light state of shock, but after some downtime we resumed training to excellent effect.  

She was determined to succeed in the Blowage vignette and once permission was given she worked the man-meat and pouch like a fuckfest starved slut. She was highly enthusiastic and effective - an fine cock sucker.

Recommendations: Break In her quarters and run her through a primal restrain bondage shag vignette that leaves her pleading to jism.

Turn her loose with another imperious to observe how she performs.  Capitalize on her wondrous  and enrapturing demeanour by putting her in college chick setting and make her read erotic fiction for us while she gets poked in the labia, backside and hatch.  Keep it light and amusing.

Give her another test in sensory deprivation by bagging her and stringing up her in the dungeon space.  Beat her with whips and pulverize her face till she twitches in yanking ejaculations at the end of the magic massager.

In the final day of training the nymphs are put thru powerful labor and stamina testing. They are pushed harder than they have been shoved thus far. Today they detect that the thresholds they once had have been shoved and they have grown to be stronger slaves.Cradle of Pain Gallery #71
PD is training more expert sluts and Charlotte is next. She has the basics down, like cumming on command or sucking cock like a pro. The advanced classes are significantly more difficult. A simple dance is so much more interesting when there are electrified leads running into her body. A few thousand volts of electricity can make it harder to concentrate on even the most easiest tasks.Firm Hand Smacking
When are two strangers the same person?When the seemingly prudish wife of a lottery winner is kidnapped from her hot hypno-therapist's office by two desperate guys on the run, her newly rich husband refuses to pay the ransom! The kidnappers try to hold it together when they learn their victim is a split personality psycho that is half uptight prude and half anal nymphomaniac bitch! Mona's two personalities play the men against each other but when her manipulations fail, the two men must commit to their desperate act in the worst possible way.This Sex and Submission Feature stars Mona Wales, Penny Pax, Tommy Pistol, and Xander Corvus and it includes: outrageous action, girl/girl seduction, boy/boy/girl hardcore anal sex, double penetration, squirting orgasms, bondage, captivity, depravity and lust in spades.Kristina Rose is a bored building wifey who has sexually wishes of her husband doing the kind of violent things to her that she indeed dreams but would not dare ask for.   In one dream, she is corded to a tree on the side of the road by the driver.  She is striped down right in front of her husband and plumbed for his amusement.  Then she imagines the maid, Lizzy London, being violently drilled along with her in bondage by both folks.  There are some intense scenes with hard humping and anal invasion sex in this erotic role play wish update!Madison Scott dresses slutty to get her teacher's attention which leads to a taboo encounter of domination, sex and bondage.  Includes spanking, squirting, suspension bondage, big orgasms and more.cunt and tits torture pics

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The beautiful and very submissive Cherry Torn returns with new guy Xander Corvus!  In this fantasy role play, Cherry's husband gets a promotion that requires him to move across country.  Not wanting to leave, she agrees to live the rest of her life in sexual servitude.  Shot on location this update includes rough sex, anal penetration, hard face fucking, painful nipple and tongue clamps and bondage sex!Jenna Sativa Gives River Fox a Halloween Slapping
Penny Pax may struggle at first, but it is just because in her fantasies she always needs to be overpowered. Every part of her wants this.
Sexually BrokenThe incredibly sexy Sheena Shaw submits beautifully in this great update with role-play, rough sex and hard bondage!  She loves being face fucked and pounded in her ass and pussy while bound.  Her flexibility allows us to tie her legs apart in splits and put her in positions that give full access to all of her holes.
German babe is roughly fucked outside by four strangersIn this fantasy role-play, Mia signs up for a medical research program to help pay for her college tuition.  Not realizing that it is of a sexual nature, Mia is locked inside a padded room and manhandled by a psychotic doctor.  He rips off her clothes, puts her in handcuffs and aggressively fucks her mouth and pussy and eventually fucking her tight little asshole.  The research continues with Mia gagged and bound helplessly spread open with her big natural tits wrapped up tight and clamped.  She gives in to the doctors relentless fucking of her ass and pussy and comes hard from the addition of a powerful vibrator.  She is bound again in another position where all her holes are worked over with rough treatment.  Then she is flipped onto her back with arms tied under her breasts, lifting them up for a grand view as the doctor face fucks her reclined head and covers her pretty face with his load.Clare Spanks Nikki Turner For Being BossyBondage Bound

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